Grow With Ro 

WELCOME to Grow With Ro!! Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. Every Wednesday I will share Purposeful Nuggets to give you a boost for the week. Weekly because there are so many challenges that can occur in our lives in just 7 days. Some of them we know about, but most are the unknown. However they come, be encouraged knowing you are Prepared to handle them all. 

PUSH Let’s talk! How have you been preparing during this “Quarantine” state? I don’t 

believe in happenstances, but I do believe in Purpose. And, this quarantine state we are in is definitely for a Purpose. However, have you discovered what Purpose is to be birthed from you during this time? 

What does quarantine mean? Quarantine is strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease. You may think, “well, this does not apply to me because I don’t have a disease”. A disease is simply any harmful, depraved, or morbid condition, as of the mind or society. To name a few (and feel free to add to it), you may have been carrying the disease of Fear, Procrastination, Anxiety, or Unforgiveness that has taken captive over your mind. These things have been harmful, demoralizing, and prevented you from birthing the Purpose God has placed in you. Therefore, in order to get your attention and cause you to be still, He had to quarantine you. His plan is for you to remember: 

  1. He has Great things in store for you. 2. He has not forgotten the gifts He has prepared for you. 3. His past and current faithfulness. 4. He owes you a promise. 

Some people are put in quarantine when they are not currently sick, but have been or may have been exposed to a communicable disease. The society consists of communicable or transferrable disease from negative and unfruitful people who have infected our Purpose. See, these kinds of diseases can cause us abort the Purpose 

God has strategically placed in us. So, before we continue down a road of abortion or disaster, His love forced us in a quarantine state to indicate, “It’s Time to PUSH”. 

Don’t come out of quarantine the same way you went in. I can’t wait to see the Purpose that you have birthed or is going to birth! Keep Pushing! You’re almost there! 

Stay In Motion,